Primary EMS Units



MEDIC 116-2

                 2008 International / Medtec AD Medium Duty Type I Ambulance


·         ALS Equipped/ 12 Lead telemetry/ Ventilator/ NOx/ I.O. Drill

·         GPS

·         Cab Mounted Mobil Data Terminal

·         VHF/800 mhz Communications

·         SCBA

·          Forcible Entry Tools Including“W”-Tool, Set of Irons

·          Animal Control Equipment

·         Foam and Water Cans On Board



MEDIC 116-5

2002 F450 4X4 / PL Custom Type I Ambulance

 ALS Equipped


Cab Mounted Mobil Data Terminal

Initial Water Rescue Equipment

Forcible Entry Tools

Large Foam and Dry Chem Cans On Board 

Set Up for Dual Patient Transport


        MEDIC 116-6

     Station 120 Primary Unit

Rescue Medic 116-6
     2003 International / AEV Trauma Hawk Medium Duty Type I Ambulance


·         BLS Equipped

·         VHF/Lowband/800 mhz Communications

·         SCBA Equipped 

·         Rope/Technical Rescue Equipment

·         Stokes Basket

·         “W”-Tool Forcible Entry Tool

·         Additional Forcible Entry Tools

·         Foam and Water Cans On Board



Rescue Units

        Support 116


Hino Cab Over
                                                                                     Prime mover for Boats 116-2 and 116-3
                                                                                     Swift water and flood response equipment
                                                                                      Scuba equipment
                                                                                      Dry suits
                                                                                      Personal flotation devices
                                                                                      Side scan sonar
                                                                                      Underwater comms
                                                                                      Extra outboard motor
                                                                                      Rope rescue / high angle rescue equipment
                                                                                      Floating Stokes Basket 
                                                                                      Confined space stokes basket
                                                                                      TNT Hydraulic pump and combi hydraulic cutter/                           
                                                                                      High pressure airbags
                                                                                      Low pressure airbags
                                                                                       4 Rut Struts
                                                                                       Hylift rescue jacks
                                                                                       Married irons
                                                                                       Shovels additional axes 
                                                                                       Additional hand tools
                                                                                       MCI management kit
                                                                                        Animal Snare




Assist 116


Specialty Apparatus


BOAT 116-1


                Zodiac Hurricane Rescue Boat


·         260 HP Volvo In-Board/Out-Board Motor.

·         Emergency Warning Package.

      BOAT 116-2

                     Boat 116-2 was placed in service on December 18, 2011.
  • 2011 JP Marine 15 1/2' Rescue Inflatable
  • 40 HP Evenrude E-Tec Rescue Pro Outboard with a Dura-Jet Lower Unit Conversion
  • E-Z Loader Trailer

 BOAT 116-3

                     Boat 116-3 was placed in service in October of 2013.
  • 2013 JP Marine 14' Rescue Inflatable
  • 30 HP Evenrude E-Tec Rescue Pro Outboard with a Dura-Jet Lower Unit Conversion

In conjunction with Armstrong County DPS and

Region 13 All Hazards and Counter Terrorism Task Force