M.E.R.V. 116

Medical Evacuation and Rehab Vehicle

               Lower Kiski Emergency Services, in conjunction with Armstrong County Department of Public Safety and Pennsylvania Region 13, is proud to announce the arrival of MERV 116. Purchased by the Pennsylvania Region 13 All Hazards and Counterterrorism Task Force, this innovative,  multi-mission unit, was designed by the staff of Lower Kiski Emergency Services. The unit was built by Sartin Services, Inc. and is capable of being reconfigured “on the fly” for a multitude of emergency missions, including, but not limited to patient/resident evacuation and relocation, multiple casualty incident response, emergency responder rehabilitation, disaster response, special event medical coverage, and hospital surge response.



               Lower Kiski Emergency Services – Main Station

               80 Kiski Avenue

               Leechburg Borough

               Armstrong County, Pennsylvania


Emergency Dispatch:

               Armstrong County 911

*Authorized agencies may request MERV 116 via their respective emergency communications center, who in turn should contact Armstrong County 911.

                          Phone: 724-548-3225

Non-Emergency/Scheduled Events:

               Randall J. Brozenick, Director --- Armstrong County Department of Public Safety

                              Office: (724) 548-3430

                              E-mail: rjbrozenick@co.armstrong.pa.us

             Drew Rummel, Support Division Captain --- Lower Kiski Ambulance Service, Inc.

                              Office: (724) 845-8504

                              Cellular:  (724) 599-6072

                              E-mail: drummel@lowerkiskiems.org



MERV 116 Information

                Medical Evacuation and Rehabilitation Vehicle

2011 Sartin Services MAB-R/Thomas Built Bus Saf-T-Liner EF

                                             260-HP Cummins Diesel Engine

                                             20-KW Martin Diesel Generator


                              Primary Missions:

·        Multiple Patient Evacuation from High-Rise, Nursing Home, Hospital, and Similar Medical/Residential Facilities

·        Medical Rehabilitation Services for Emergency Responders at Large Scale, Prolonged, or Incidents in Austere Weather Conditions

·        Mass Casualty Incident Response

·        On-Site Medical Treatment at Large Scale Special Events

·        Disaster Emergency Medical Response  

·        Tactical Incident Emergency Medical Response



                                             18 Stretcher Confined Patients


                                             25 Seated Patients


                                             Any Combination In Between


                                             Multiple Wheelchair Confined Patients                  



16’ Electric Awning (Passenger Side)

(4) Overhead Air Conditioning Units

Electric Baseboard Heating

Sartin Services Sliding Stretcher Mount System

BeaconMed Oxygen Delivery System (for Stationary Deployment)

(18) Portable “D” Oxygen Cylinders with Regulators

(16) Junkin Portable Stretchers (350 lb. Weight Capacity)

(2) Stryker Power-PRO XT Stretchers (700 lb. Weight Capacity)

(4) Stryker Evacuation Chairs

(6) Wheelchairs

(2) Philips Heartstart MRx Cardiac Monitors

               ~ with NiBP, SpO2, Capnography, 12-Lead, Pacing, Defibrillation

(6) Handheld ECG Monitors (with Limb Clamps)

(2) Thomas ALS Strike Team Packs

(1) SMART MCI Management System
(2) S-CORT Portable Suction Units
(2) Streamlight HID Handlights
Assorted Medical Treatment and Oxygen Delivery Supplies

Small Sink in Galley (with Hot & Cold Water)


Small Coffee Maker

Airpot Coffee Brewer System with (4) Airpots

5-gallon Beverage Dispenser

Full-Size Refrigerator/Freezer

               ~ with Assorted Bottled Water, Sports Drinks, and Freeze Pops

Assorted Light Nutritional Items

               ~ Including Cereal/Sports Bars, Fruit Cups, Soup, Snack Crackers, etc.

(2) 20-gallon Fresh Water Tanks

(1) 40-gallon Waste/Grey Water Tank
On Board Bathroom

On Board DVD System with Flip Down Monitor (for On-Site Training)

(4) Firecom Wireless Headsets (with 1000’ Operational Range from Unit)

Multiple Mobile Radios

               ~ Including LowBand, VHF, UHF, Westmoreland 800 MHz,

                   and Pennsylvania OpenSky 800 MHz

2,500 lb. Floor Mounted “Flip-Up” Warn Winch (for Cargo Loading/Offloading)

10’ x 4’ Folding Aluminum Ramp System

Trailer Towing Package
(4) Whelen High-Intensity LED Scene Lights
Whelen LED Emergency Warning Package
Bumper Mounted Airhorns